The Trollope family of Thabazimbi invites you to join them in a truly unique Bushveld experience on their wildlife nature reserve. Here you can relax and enjoy the many thrills and overwhelming splendour of Africa at its best!

We can offer you a safe and friendly environment where hunters and their families can discover the magic of Africa.

Camelthorn safaris operate from a privately owned nature reserve belonging to the 3rd generation of Trollope Brothers. The original reserve has been in the Trollope family since 1919 and, over the years, has increased in size to more than 17 000 acres. Harold Trollope, a big game hunter and one of the original owners, was actively involved in the early development of the internationally acclaimed Kruger National Park and the Addo Elephant Park. Hunting and wildlife conservation has been part of the family's way of life for almost a century!

Camelthorn reserve is situated two hours north-west of Johannesburg in a fertile valley between "Die Berg van Winde" (the Mountain of Wind) and the Sand river. The habitat varies from sweet thornveld, densely wooded areas, rocky outcrops and mountains to magnificent open plains. This enables an exceptional variety of species to coexist in harmony, including white rhino, giraffe, kudu, nyala, blue wildebees, red hartebees, eland, zebra and many more. Over 250 varieties of trees can be found, including the majestic Camelthorn.

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