The area is free from malaria and it is not necessary to take prophylactics or have any inoculations before or after your stay, unless you are travelling on to other areas. Medical doctors are easily accessible in nearby Thabazimbi.


Although crime is unheard of on the reserve, and Camelthorn safaris will take every possible precaution for your safety, there is always an element of risk involved in hunting wild animals. Therefore, clients will be required to sign an indemnity against any injury or loss before the safari begins. We strongly suggest you arrange your own personal travel and all risk hunting and medical insurance.

Water is pumped from underground and is safe to drink.

The hunting season is conducted in the winter months from March to October and temperatures can range from -4 to +25 degrees Celsius. Lightweight khaki or camouflage clothing and comfortable, smooth soft-soled hiking boots are recommended during the hunt. For cold mornings and evenings a sweater, windproof jacket, woollen cap, gloves, and scarf are required. However, during the day we suggest sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen for your comfort and protection. Also don't forget to pack your binoculars, video camera or camera, together with plenty of film, wildlife reference books, reading material and a flashlight.

Visitors need to bring electrical converters for video cameras and any electrical appliances. South Africa uses 3-pronged round hole plugs and some 2-pronged round hole plugs. Electric current is 220V.

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